“Eurotex” is the most successful growing company in Bulgaria in the production of tents, membranes, tarpaulins for TIR, PVC covers, PVC walls, awnings, metal constructions and rust less products in Bulgaria.
The company was founded in 1997 and its manufacturing base is in Dobrich city. In this way of work with our clients, we prove that the big success and high peaks are really reached with honesty, fulfillment of our engagements and our diligence of course.
We are a team! The quality of each product depends on the precise execution of every small detail and the kind of the materials too. Therefore, the experience he have accumulated over the years for our partners we have selected the leaders in the manufacture of used items, we work with proven brands as “Dzhovanardi”-Italy; Sioen-Belgium; Franz Miederhof-Germany; Nayzil-Italy and many others.

Some of the biggest projects undertaken by us are covering central city market of Dobrich, and parking on the base of the firm “Agrochemicals”.

The longstanding exploitation of our products is guarantee of “Eurotex”. Behind the brand ‘Eurotex” is standing the name of each employee in the company.”Eur otex” is the right choice of everyone looking for quality, professionalism and real solutions for their needs.
Our clients are:
Class Oil-Dobrich | Devnja cement | Cereals-Bulgaria | Agrorezrv-Varna | Dimens Trans-Dobrich | AMM-Dobrich | Infomic-Silistra | Cereals-Silistra | WEBER-Sofia | Gorna Banya-Sofia | Terazid-Russe | ALPLER-Izmir | Zagorka-Stara Zagora | Albena Resort | Golden Sand Resort | Kamenitsa-Plovdiv | TOYOTA-Dobrich | Agrochimicals-Dobrich | Gospodinovi Komers-Dobrich | Dominion Grein-Kavarna | Eggs and birds Zora-Donchevo | Plant Protectant-Dobrich | Nedko Mitev-Dobrich.